Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a journey, not an outcome.

Wellness Icons

The experience of being human is a dynamic process which is unique to every individual, a personal journey that evolves over a lifetime. Optimum wellness results from the intentional integration of eight fundamental dimensions of wellbeing, all of which require sound personal health choices that are relative to your own goals and values.  We believe that personal wellness is not a one size fits all or a 'destination,' but instead involves an ongoing conscious attention to the harmony of one's life as it relates to your holistic health and wellbeing goals.  

By considering the following eight dimensions, and knowing at any point where one may be doing well and where one may need additional attention, we are more likely to find the balance and optimal wellness we are striving for.  Begin the practice of asking yourself regularly - how am I doing in these various areas of my life?  If one or two areas could benefit from more or less focus, simply adjust as needed.  Adjustments are often best achieved in small increments, not 'all or none' approaches.  Going from 0-60 or 60-0 on any life change is too often met with stumbles and frustration, however, making change one or two steps at a time, or making small incremental changes and evaluating from there is usually a process that works best for most of us.  Try to remember the mantra, "progress, not perfection, is what I am striving for."

Become familiar with the wellness dimensions below and try to take a mindful moment daily, weekly or monthly to consider whether you are taking the necessary small actions to keep life and your overall wellbeing in good balance.