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Financial Wellness Webinars

The concept of financial wellness requires that we acknowledge that everyone's financial circumstances are different and depend on a broad array of variables that include the level of personal or family wealth, ability to earn additional income or not, differing personal needs, spending habits, debt levels, lifestyle preferences, personal initiative and more.  However, in any circumstances, financial wellness involves setting and achieving short and long-term personal financial goals within the context of resources available to us.  

Whether we have relatively unlimited resources from family or are trying to live modestly off of student loans and scholarships, we still benefit from thinking critically about what are our actual needs, versus wants, versus extras.   Beginning this approach in college, regardless of current resources, sets us up to be more financially well and balanced throughout later life.  

To learn more about Financial Wellness tune in to the following webinars:

Financial Wellness 101

Make it Rain - Financial Wellness for Students on a Limited Budget

Make it Rain - Financial Wellness for Students on a Limited Budget

This webinar highlights student financial challenges, smart decision-making, and skill building for spending, budgeting, saving, and paying for college.

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Financial Wellness 101

Learn real-life lessons about improving your financial condition, rules of thumb for financial success, and budgeting strategy.

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