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Enhancing Individual and collective health

Taking Care of Your Mental Health When the News is Awful

Not a week goes by without awful, troubling, traumatic, angering, frustrating, and scary news. The recent shootings in Texas and Buffalo, and the war in Ukraine, and, and, and…  It’s normal for news like this to result in strong feelings.   It can be difficult to engage with current events and also difficult to ignore […]
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Get Involved with hha!

The Healthy Heels Ambassadors - hha! - use public health principles to inspire change towards better wellness for all through education. ​Students who are in hha! commit to up to 6 hours per week for the group,...

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CAPS Summer Groups Announced

This summer's group offerings include Improv Your Way to You, Graduate and Professional Students of Color, Dissertation Support, Post-Doc Support, and Koru Mindfulness. Details are available on the Therapy Groups...

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