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Alcohol & Substance Use Resource Center

Student Wellness empowers students to make the safest & healthiest decisions regarding any potential substance consumption. We focus on reducing high-risk behaviors, that may affect the individual student or the Carolina community as a whole. We encourage and support safe, legal, and responsible actions.

Student Wellness Covers the Continuum 

Student Wellness uses a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Our strategies range from working with students on an individual level to influencing and managing the campus and community environments that impact student decision making and actions. Student Wellness has adopted a non-judgmental, risk-mitigation and harm reduction approach to preventing or reducing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, which aims to reduce the potential negative consequences of higher-risk alcohol and other substance use in the Carolina Community.


E-checkup assessments are anonymous, interactive online tools that provide personalized information and feedback, while helping you learn more about your particular substance consumption patterns, compare that and any related behaviors to other Carolina students and norms on campus, and connect to helpful campus resources if desired.

Both programs are confidential, free, and available 24/7.



  • AlcoholEdu online alcohol education course
  • Assessment and research, including the Core Survey.
  • Campus Community Coalition: Partnership and initiatives to reduce substance use, including data collection and policy development.


  • BASICS: a non-confrontational program to help students identify risks associated with their alcohol and/or drug use and ways to eliminate or reduce these risks. 
  • Individual Counseling: are you questioning your relationship to substances (alcohol or other substances) and looking for a confidential, supportive counseling experience to explore? Coordinate a meeting with a licensed clinician to see if our services are a good fit for you, or to assist you in connecting with other off campus resources.


  • The Carolina Recovery Program provides an accepting, nurturing environment where students in recovery can thrive personally, shine academically, and develop enduring resiliency for continued success. 

Alcohol & Other Substance Assessments and Counseling

All Services provided are private and confidential.

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Alcohol & Other Substances Prevention and Education

Outreach education presentations coming soon. They will include:

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Carolina After Dark

Carolina After Dark coordinates late-night, weekend events for the Carolina community. Find events or apply for a grant to host your own!

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Understanding Medical Amnesty

If you seek medical help on behalf of someone with alcohol poisoning or drug overdose, you will be exempt from certain underage alcohol
or drug charges.

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Carolina Recovery Program

The Carolina Recovery Program provides a space where students in recovery can thrive personally, shine academically, and develop enduring resiliency for continued success.

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Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar is an outreach and education initiative to local bars on alcohol and other drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA) as well as a bystander intervention training specifically for bar […]

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BASICS Alcohol & Other substance brief interventions

Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) is an evidence-based program that helps students make better alcohol-use decisions and reduce their risks for alcohol-related harm. 

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