SHARE stands for Sexual Health and Relationship Education. SHARE was established to increase awareness about sexual health on UNC Chapel Hill’s campus, guide students to existing health resources, and create safe and non-judgmental spaces for students to talk about a full continuum of health behaviors and choices.


Here at Student Wellness we offer SHARE Sessions, for which a student can schedule a time and date to speak privately* with a trained sexual wellness educator about topics related to contraception, sexuality, safer sex options, family planning, and pretty much anything else related to their sexual wellness.

We provide both one-on-one counseling and sexual health education for larger groups, as well as assessments regarding sexual health behaviors and preferences for sexual health programming on UNC campus. These sessions are held in Suite 1310 in SASB South.

One-on-One Meeting

You can schedule a free, private, one-on-one conversation with a Wellness staff member to talk about anything from effectively communicating your wants and needs to your partner to finding out where to get an HIV test. Call 919-962-9355 to schedule or Contact Us.

Group Meetings

Click here to arrange safer sex and healthy relationship programs for groups, or to request our help with your sexual wellness course or event.

UNC Chapel Hill and the surrounding community offer many resources for you to ask health and relationship questions. Here are a few to check out:

Sexual Wellness Testing and Other Campus Resources

Outreach Programs
Do you want a reproductive health program for your group/class? Contact Us to talk about your needs and we'll work with you to offer the best program possible!

*All coaching sessions are private, and no report will be made to your parents, family or other campus departments or officials without your formal written consent. With this said, there are a few exceptions. If one talks about hurting herself or himself or someone else, by law we must share that with Counseling and Psychological Services (campushealth.unc.edu/services/counseling-and-psychological-services). Additionally, because we care about your safety, if you share specific details regarding an incident of harassment, discrimination, assault, stalking, sexual violence, and/or interpersonal violence, which happened by or to Carolina students, as employees of Student Wellness, we are required to share that information with UNC’s Student Complaint Coordinator.