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Safer Sex Supplies

Generally, free safer sex supplies are available in the following locations:

  • Carolina Union bathrooms near Alpine
  • Student Stores Pharmacy (3rd floor)
  • Campus Health
    • Clinic waiting area (1st floor)
    • Sports Medicine front desk (1st floor)
    • Laboratory (1st floor)
    • Campus Health front desk (1st floor)
    • CAPS front desk (3rd floor)
    • Gynecology clinic waiting room (3rd floor)
    • Medical examination rooms throughout the building

To request safer sex supplies, please complete the form below.

Resident Advisors (RAs), Community Directors (CDs), student organization leaders, and other entities on campus can receive safer sex supplies via the below request.

The general quantity limit for each program/wider distribution related requests is:

  • External condoms: 100 (80 regular, 20 specialty)
  • Lubrication Packets: 50
  • Internal condoms: 25
  • Dental dams: 25

Individuals seeking supplies for personal use can request the following limits per order:

  • External Condoms: 25 (varying sizes, lubricated/unlubricated, latex/non-latex)
  • Lubrication packets: 25
  • Internal condoms: 25
  • Dental dams: 25
Safer Sex Supplies Request

Please allow 3 to 5 business days for us to prepare the supplies you requested. After that time has passed, you may pick up safer sex supplies in the Student Wellness lobby, located in SASB South, Suite 1310.

For questions or additional support, please email [email protected].

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