Wellness Coaching & One-on-One Services

What is Wellness Coaching?

At Student Wellness, our focus is helping students excel academically and socially as they face many opportunities and challenges. 

If you have a goal you are working towards or any lifestyle change that you are interested in developing (managing stress, being more active, eating healthier, finding more overall balance in life- just to name a few), coaching can be a catalyst for implementing that change you seek!  You are the expert in your own life and know where you want to go, but maybe you are feeling ‘stuck’ or aren’t sure how to get there… that is where a coach can help!

Wellness coaching is a collaborative partnership between a student and coach to help you assess what is currently working for you, what may not be working as well and to clearly identify your life’s vision so you can begin taking purposeful action steps towards it!  Coaches are trained in Integrative Health Coaching - a holistic, evidence-based approach centered around creating action plans and providing ongoing support to get you the results you want.  We utilize strategies like motivational interviewing and take a holistic approach to health using our eight (8) dimensions of wellness framework.

Session Characteristics:

  • Meet 1 on 1 with a professional coach as often as you request (usually weekly or bi-weekly)
  • Sessions last 45-60 minutes and are private and virtual
  • Coaching partnerships are long-term and can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months (or beyond)
  • Conversations are student-centered and judgment-free, prioritizing your current goals and lifestyle
  • Areas of focus can include, but aren't limited to: stress management, self-care practices, sleep hygiene or refining your life vision and values.
  • After a session, you will feel empowered, accountable and motivated! 

How do I get started? 

Well-being coaching is a free service offered by Student Wellness.  Fill out the Wellness Coaching Interest Form and you will be connected with a coach in the next week!  After you submit your responses, our office will contact you with a couple more forms to get you connected to a coach of best fit!  

Our Wellness Coaches

  • Coaches are being onboarded now and we will have pictures and bios uploaded shortly!
    • Coach Bios Incoming*

We also have a variety of staff who are available to meet with any student from a general wellbeing perspective providing inclusive coaching; however, we have listed specialty areas under specific staff in case this may assist you in making an informed choice to best meet your needs.  If you are interested in working with a staff member directly, please fill out the Wellness Coaching Interest Form and mention their name in that form.

  • Shahnaz Khawaja (shahnaz@email.unc.edu) (Waitlisted until July 2021)
    • Graduate & Professional Students International Students
    • Substance Use (BASICS), Resiliency
  • Bryce Mcculloch (bryce@unc.edu)
    • Recovery Community
    • Substance Use (BASICS)
  • Dr. DeVetta Holman-Copeland (dholman@email.unc.edu)
    • First-Generation/POC Communities
    • Belonging and Resiliency
  • Dr. Charla Blumell (cblumell@unc.edu)
    • LGBTQIA Community
    • General Wellbeing
  • Alicia Freeman (afreeman@unc.edu)
    • Mental Health
    • Substance Use (BASICS)
  • Caress Roach (caress@email.unc.edu)
    • SHARE Consults (Sexual Health)

***For more information about Wellness Coaching, please check out the FAQs document below! 

All coaching sessions are private.  No report will be made to other campus departments or officials or your parents or family without your formal written consent.  With this said, there are a few exceptions due to staff being Responsible Employees. If one talks about hurting themselves and/or someone else, by law we must share that with Counseling and Psychological Services. Additionally, because we care about your safety, if you share specific details regarding an incident of harassment, discrimination, assault, stalking, sexual violence, and/or interpersonal violence, that happened by or to Carolina students, as employees of Student Wellness, we are required to share that information with UNC’s Student Complaint Coordinator.