Returning Students, Prospective Students, and Family Resources

Prospective Students and Families:

Whether your student is currently in recovery from a substance use disorder or he or she is struggling with problematic use, the Carolina Recovery Program (CRP) can assist you. We understand that parents and families of students who suffer from substance use disorders are weary of sending their loved ones into an environment where substance use is prevalent. Additionally, we understand how challenging it can be if a student continues or develops problematic use patterns and may need to pause their education for treatment. The CRP engages students, parents and their families at every point along their journey to recovery. Some students we work with welcome recovery, while others are not ready to engage in a recovery process. We work with students to achieve the best outcomes they can regardless of their current attitudes toward recovery. For those students that have needs beyond what is offered at UNC, we maintain a vetted and trusted list of treatment providers and work with students and their families to find them the support they need.

Returning Students and Families:

If a student seeks treatment for a Substance Use Disorder, and/or has had a medical hold placed on their account, then they must receive clearance by CRP staff prior to returning to school. CRP staff will evaluate a student's readiness to return to school. If a student is assessed to be ready to return to school, CRP staff will develop a recovery support plan with student. Once a recovery support plan is in place, CRP staff will inform Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) of the student's readiness to return and the medical hold will be removed. If you are a student on leave and are interested in returning to school please contact

Potential Elements of a Recovery Support Plan:

  • Residing in a sober living environment such as the on campus recovery housing, the off campus Collegiate Oxford House, or a recovery supportive residence
  • Participation in a transformative recovery process
  • Attendance of CRP meetings and events
  • Attendance of mutual support groups (e.g. AA, NA, SMART, Refuge Recovery)
  • Substance use counseling with a Licensed Addiction Specialist
  • Abstinence verification
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Releases of information for student support team (e.g., CRP staff, family, treatment providers)
  • Other appropriate recovery supports

Off-Campus Resources:

We maintain a list of vetted and trusted treatment providers that we refer students to. If you are looking for treatment resources, please contact so we can provide you with several referrals.