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Carolina Recovery Program

Carolina Recovery Program

Meeting Weekly, Thursday Evenings at 6pm, in Fetzer Gym 104.  For more info, contact carolinarecovery@unc.edu.

(This group is designed for students seeking support for reduced use and recovery only; it is not generally available for observation by nursing, medical, social work, counseling students, etc.  If you have interest in learning more about recovery, or potentially speaking with/interviewing students in recovery, please contact the email above.  Otherwise there are open twelve-step (AA/NA) meetings in the community available for observation.)

* Upcoming 'Run for Recovery' run/walk awareness and fundraising event - for more information, find the run registration site here.

To provide a direct tax deductible donation to the Carolina Recovery Program, please click here.


The Carolina Recovery Program strives to create an inclusive, accepting, and nurturing environment where students in recovery can build community, thrive personally, shine academically, and develop enduring resiliency for continued success. 


To encourage a community that supports continued recovery, academic excellence, and a commitment to serving the greater UNC community, the Carolina Recovery Program provides each student a customized success plan, staff and peer support, and proactive recovery focused programing.  Our goal is to enable our students to enjoy a normal substance-free collegiate experience while excelling at UNC-CH. We believe this recovery program experience will reconnect emerging leaders with their passion to make a difference in the world.

We accomplish this by:

  • Offering weekly peer-led groups and staff-led programs to foster a supportive recovery-based fellowship.
  • Providing recovery, academic resources, and other support services to students
  • Fostering a sense of fellowship between students
  • Connecting students to the campus and local community through service projects and research opportunities
  • Providing programing that is designed to develop resiliency and help protect our students recovery
  • Serving as the model program for the state of North Carolina and a model for the creation of recovery communities throughout the UNC system

Exciting events:

  • Weekly Carolina Recovery Group meetings – This is a registered student organization that is the student arm of The Carolina Recovery Program, see link under related links!
  • "No Rivals in Recovery" sober tailgates
  • Study and final exam prep workshops hosted by the Learning Center
  • Recovery focused career services workshops hosted by Career Services
  • Etiquette tips and dinners
  • Ropes challenge course, hiking, rock climbing, and other various fun outdoor activities
  • Trips to NCCYPAA, the North Carolina Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous,  Rally for Recovery in Raleigh NC
  • Final Exam study halls with stress reduction activities

The Carolina Recovery Program Offers Many Opportunities To Support Your Recovery

The Carolina Recovery Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides a safe and nurturing environment where students in recovery can thrive personally and academically through a substance-free collegiate experience. 

We welcome all students: full-time and part-time, undergrad and graduate, who are committed to a path of recovery, academic excellence, and being of service to their peers.

We offer access to a full-time addiction specialist and support services, on- and off-campus housing, as well as fun and educational programming designed to foster resiliency and a sense of community. 

Recovery Support

Weekly Recovery Support Process Groups

Peer-to-peer support

Alumni Mentor Program

Frequent, local Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery and Narcotics Anonymous meetings Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist on staff 

Academic Support

Study and final exam prep workshops hosted by The Learning Center

Recovery-focused career workshops hosted by University Career Services

Final exam study halls with stress reduction activities 

Group Activities 

Regular dinners and events such as sober tailgating  parties and movie nights

Outdoor activities such as ropes courses, hiking and  rock climbing

Community service projects and outreach opportunities  and activities

Trips to the NC Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous, Rally for Recovery in Raleigh, Unite to Face Addiction in Washington, D.C. and the Association for Recovery in Higher Education Conference 

We acknowledge, respect and support all paths to recovery, while utilizing a 12 step, abstinent based model as our primary community culture.