Join a Peer Group

Join a Peer Group

Join a Peer Group


What is Peer Education?

Peer education is a popular approach to health and wellness promotion,harnessing the power of social interaction and influence to encourage healthier choices.  Student Wellness uses evidence based strategies to maximize the potential of these groups.

Student Wellness Peer Education Philosophy

Student Wellness seeks to create social change towards a healthy and safe community that fosters student well-being and success. Acknowledging the profound impact of peer education, Student Wellness makes a conscious effort to actively engage students in peer education programming. It is the goal of Student Wellness to provide optimal instrumental support (i.e. financial assistance, material goods, or services) and informational support (i.e. advice, guidance or suggestions) for all students who want to better educate their peers on health and wellness issues.

Student Groups to Join

  • Healthy Heels Ambassadors (hha!) 

    • Leaders on campus that aim to empower fellow Tar Heels, through public health and prevention principles, in making well-informed decisions about their health, wellness, and safety to create a healthier Carolina. hha! will have the opportunity to facilitate workshops related to various wellness topics throughout the academic year, as well as coordinate events and social media content to raise awareness and educate the Carolina community. All currently enrolled UNC students (graduate and undergraduate) are welcome and encouraged to apply.  For additional information please email

  • Delta Advocates

    • Trained to provide an empathetic and informed response to survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence.  They connect survivors to support and reporting resources on campus and in the community.

  • Carolina Recovery Program

    • CRC enables students to enjoy a normal substance free collegiate experience while excelling at UNC-CH.

  • Champions For Change 

    • Campus leaders dedicated to changing fraternity men’s perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs on the topic of gender-based violence. Champions for Change work with campus partners and peers to create a culture of awareness, safety, prevention, and equip fraternity men with skills allowing them to take an active role in violence prevention.


If you have any questions or concerns, would like to learn more, or would like to get involved with Student Wellness’s peer education organizations please feel free to Contact Us.