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Gift Fund Options

Student Wellness manages a few different gift fund sources, including a general wellness fund, and a student recovery.  Please see the following options for additional information on each, and how to give to support a fund of your choice.

Make A Gift

General Wellness Donation Fund

This gift fund account is designed to allow donors to support more general and broader wellness related programs and services, and can also be utilized to designate a donation towards a specific wellness topic or service that is not otherwise indicated below by simply designating your gift in the online notes section.  We will set those specific funds aside within the general fund account and ensure they are utilized for the purpose specified. 

To provide a tax deductible donation to this Carolina fund, please click here: 

Carolina Recovery Program

This fund was established to provide individual and group support to our growing number of students engaged in long-term recovery from various behavioral or 'process addictions' (substance misuse, disordered eating, gambling, relationship, etc).  The funds are utilized to support both direct services, housing and community building events for those students who have limited financial resources.  This fund has been essential in helping students in recovery remain enrolled and supported while experiencing a healthy college experience.   For more information on this program, please click here.

To provide a tax deductible donation to this Carolina fund, please click here 

Pay by check information

Make checks payable to: UNC - Chapel Hill
​Send checks to:
UNC-Chapel Hill
PO Box 309
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 - 0309

*Please include "Carolina Recovery Community Fund - 605067" or "General Wellness Donation Fund - 606271" on the memo line.

Make a Gift By Phone

Please call (919) 962-2548, and reference the "Carolina Recovery Community Fund - 605067" or "General Wellness Donation Fund - 606271"