Your Mental Wellbeing Matters!

Your Mental Wellbeing Matters!

We know living in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic has shifted the way we see the world, and with out a doubt has changed all our daily lives.  During such a unique time it's normal to feel a heighten sense of anxiety, loneliness, and feeling lost . We at Student Wellness want to provide you with some tools, and resources to make sure you are taking care of your mental wellbeing and individual needs. 

Caring for Your Coronavirus Anxiety: 

I Need to Talk to Someone about my Wellness

How Do I Know If Someone is Experiencing Anxiety or Depression?

Helping Someone with Anxiety or Depression During COVID-19

Caring for Yourself during a time of Physically Distancing

Supporting a Loved One Going Through a Tough Time During COVID-19

Managing OCD and Anxiety During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coping during COVID-19

Nutrition during COVID-19

Staying Active During the Coronavirus

We are in this together, and help is always available.  If you’re feeling alone and struggling, you can reach out to CAPS 24/7 at 919-966-3658.

If you are interested in Wellbeing Coaching session, please contact Student Wellness.

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