Wellbeing Coaching & 1-on-1 Services

Wellbeing Coaching & 1-on-1 Services

What is Wellbeing Coaching?

At Student Wellness, our focus is helping students excel academically and socially as they face many opportunities and challenges.

Wellbeing Coaching, an evidence-based practice, is a partnership between a student and a staff facilitator, designed to help a student self-reflect on their wellbeing. We utilize strategies, like motivational interviewing, to help you determine your focus, using a holistic approach through our eight (8) dimensions of wellness framework.

Session Characteristics:

  • Individual 1:1
  • Lasting approximately 45 minutes
  • Student-centered conversation
  • Support personal growth
  • Goal-directed behavioral change
  • Private, not confidential. (Responsible Employees)

Student Wellness Wellbeing Coaches

We have a variety of staff who are available to meet with any student from a general wellbeing perspective providing inclusive coaching; however, we have listed specialty areas under specific staff in case this may assist you in making an informed choice to best meet your needs.

***For more information about Wellbeing Coaching, please check out the document below!

All coaching sessions are private. No report will be made to other campus departments or officials or your parents or family without your formal written consent.  With this said, there are a few exceptions due to staff being Responsible Employees. If one talks about hurting themselves and/or someone else, by law we must share that with Counseling and Psychological Services. Additionally, because we care about your safety, if you share specific details regarding an incident of harassment, discrimination, assault, stalking, sexual violence, and/or interpersonal violence, that happened by or to Carolina students, as employees of Student Wellness, we are required to share that information with UNC’s Student Complaint Coordinator.