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Request a Workshop

Request a Workshop

Thank you for turning to us for your Health/Wellness Programming needs. In order for your event to be successful, here are some things to keep in mind to help us help you.

  1. We prefer that you have 10 or more attendees. This will help you spread your message, maximize your impact, and have a great event. We are happy to help you brainstorm marketing and publicity ideas.
  2. Because our programs are comprehensive and interactive, we ask that you reserve a space for AT LEAST 60 minutes to get the most out of it, though some require 90 minutes or up to 4 hours (One Act). See specifics below!
  3. For us to facilitate the best event possible, please fill out this form at least THREE (3) weeks before the event date. The sooner we know about it, the more likely we’ll be able to accommodate your schedules!
  4. We need a ROSTER of your participants BEFORE the workshop/training. Any event or program we participate in will have an required evaluation component for the participants in-person and also sent to them after.

What you can request:

  • hha! Peer Educators
    • One Act training (4 hours)
    • One Act for Greeks training (3 hours)
    • Dimensions of Wellness & Self Care (60  minutes)
    • Healthy Relationships 101 (60 minutes)
    • Stress Management 101 (60 minutes)
    • Masculinities 101 (60 minutes)

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