Substance Use Evaluation and Management

Student Wellness is dedicated to helping students achieve and maintain optimum health and well-being. That includes providing counseling, information and support on the use and misuse of legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs as well as the impact and consequences of illegal substance use and abuse.

Wondering about your use?

A Wellness staff member is available to meet individually with any student who may have questions or concerns about their substance use patterns. This is a private, one-on-one conversation which will include an informal substance use evaluation that may, if requested, include a discussion about how the student can either manage, cut down, or stop their use. Referrals can also be made for on-campus resources or off-campus partners. If appropriate a formal assessment can be conducted.

A welcoming path for students in recovery

Student Wellness has professional staff trained in providing counseling and coaching to recovering students to maintain personal growth, excel academically, and gain resiliency for continued success. The comprehensive Carolina Recovery Program (CRP) is a dedicated resource providing information and guidance for recovering students and their family members along with personalized success plans, dedicated staff, peer support and focused recovery coaching.

Recovery housing options

Student Wellness offers both on- and off-campus housing options for students in recovery. On-campus collegiate recovery housing centers on Recovery House, which is allied with Balance, a substance-free Residential Learning Program (RLP). Balance RLP offers a comprehensive, proven community approach with a focus on integrating all dimensions of wellness. Off-campus living is provided in a collaboration between the Carolina Recovery Program and the North Carolina Oxford House, a clean and sober option for individuals in recovery.


Request an Appointment

To speak to a Student Wellness staff person, phone (919) 962-9355.


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