Relationship Health & Wellness Appointments

Our Student Wellness staff and program assistants offer individual, partnership, or group appointments to discuss reproductive health & wellness. Schedule an appointment if you, your partner, or one of your friends are seeking guidance on the subjects below.

  • Having a Well Woman’s visit or a Pap smear exam and still have questions after viewing the Women's Health Tutorial and checking out the Pap Smear FAQs
  • Seeking information on birth control and have questions after the Women's Health Tutorial.
  • Seeking information and/or testing for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
  • Seeking testing for HIV.
  • Diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection and want more information,including how to communicate effectively with a partner.
  • Have any other sexual health questions.

Students can Contact Us to email or call about a free relationship wellness appointment. Please notify the scheduler if more than one person will come to the appointment.


NOTE: There is a $25.00 charge for any missed appointment that is not canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Free confidential, individual, or group reproductive health appointments for students.
  • Safer sex and healthy relationship programs for groups on campus.
  • Assessment regarding sexual health behaviors and preferences for sexual health programming on UNC campus

Visit Request Publicity Support with your reproductive wellness course or event.

Call 911 - For immediate assistance