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Violence Prevention

Interpersonal violence and sexual violence are unfortunately a part of our world, and many college students experience violence enacted upon themselves, a loved one, or a friend. Use these programs to help your residents or organization learn more about violence and how to prevent it before it occurs. 

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Reflect on violence prevention strategies and the violence that occurs in our culture
  2. Recognize that individual acts can impact the broader culture of violence
  3. Understand that violence is a systemic issue 


Vary by activity


Decide on the level of intervention you'd like to provide about Violence Prevention. It might help to read through the activities below to decide your own comfort level and which might fit best with your group.


The Violence Prevention topic has a variety of activities to choose from including a passive doorhanging program, a video screening and discussion guide, and an active consent program. Choose the program that fits best for your group, or consider using all three options for a more robust lineup of initiatives that connect well with each other. 

Activities Available:

See box on right side of page.


Please share your experience with the health programming guide with us by emailing We really value your feedback and will use the information to tailor the programming guide to your needs. Good, bad, or ugly, we want all of your comments! Thank you!


Bulletin Boards Available:

31 Days of One Act Bystander Intervention

One Act Bystander Intervention A to Z

Facts about Sexual Violence

Self-Care Tips

Other Programs

In addition to or instead of this workshop, you might want to schedule a One Act or HAVEN training for groups of 20 or more students.

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