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Healthy Relationships

Whether Valentine’s Day is approaching or this is a topic of interest to you and your residents at another time of year, here are the tools you need to facilitate a workshop on healthy relationships!

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to do some of the following:

  1. Define what it means to be in a healthy relationship
  2. Understand ways to communicate with their partners
  3. Think critically about how the media portrays relationships


 Laptop/projector, easel with notepad, markers, chosen activity materials


Print relevant handouts. If you only have time to watch part of a video, decide ahead of time which part you will show and think about what discussion questions you will ask.


The workshop as a whole can take anywhere from 30 - 120 minutes, depending on what you choose to do. Be sure to establish group agreements with participants as this can be a sensitive topic.

There are several directions in which you can gear your workshop:

  • There is a short (15 minute) PowerPoint presentation available that reviews healthy relationships and communication between partners. This could also be used as a content guide to lead a discussion without showing the slides.
  • There are several videos available for you to borrow from Wellness or the Carolina Women’s Center that cover a range of topics including gender and sex in the media, the practice of “hooking up” in the college environment, and consent. Many of these have discussion guides you can access online.
  • You could also present one half of the PowerPoint material, such as the part that covers the basics of healthy relationships, and then follow-up with a video and discussion.

Note that there is a handout featuring an Equality Wheel developed by the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence that could be given as a take-away or used as a conversation tool.

Other Programs

In addition to or instead of this workshop, you might want to schedule a One Act or HAVEN training for groups of 20 or more students.


Please share your experience with the health programming guide with us by emailing We really value your feedback and will use the information to tailor the programming guide to your needs. Good, bad, or ugly, we want all of your comments! Thank you!

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