Mental Wellbeing Resources



An app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Also provides music to help you focus, relax or sleep. Offers video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching. Includes nature scenes and sounds to enjoy while relaxing, sleeping, studying, or working.


Guided exercises, videos and more to help you get healthier and happier. Offers options specific to meditation, sleep & wake up, stress & anxiety, movement & healthy living.

Insight Timer

App for sleep, anxiety, and stress. Includes over 30,000 guided meditations.


The largest free & centralized library of dharma talks and guided meditations from Teachers of Color.


An app and community for individuals experiencing anxiety and depression. Motivating daily affirmation messages. Options to check in with yourself and reflect on your growth.

Down Dog

Select your time, level, focus, voice, and music, and Down Dog creates a unique, personalized yoga practice every time.

Campus Recreation

Students have free access to the campus gyms and group fitness classes, including yoga among others!

Remember that you have access to your RA, CD, advisor, teachers, and friends, too!

Feel Better Yoga

A locally owned yoga studio to offer some curated yoga.

Triangle Yoga

Offers a variety of yoga classes that can help you relax physically and mentally. They also have a student discount rate!

Franklin St. Yoga Center

Offers student discounts on a variety of class packages. They organize their classes by level so you can figure out the best class for you!

Note that there are lots of yoga studios in Carrboro as well!

Discover the Power of Self-Compassion

This three-session video webinar series to learn about the science of self-compassion from Dr. Neff and Dr. Germer. The power of self-compassion: A step-by-step training to bring kindness and inner strength to any moment of your life.


Defines self-compassion and provides access to research and personal practices to learn a lot about self-compassion with it's beneficial wellness attributes.

Counseling & Psychological Services

CAPS offers individual counseling and assessment services as well as campus events and small group programs on a variety of topics, including stress and mental health.

Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching, an evidence-based practice, is a partnership between a student and a staff facilitator, designed to help a student self-reflect on their wellbeing. 

Emotional Wellness Toolkit

National Institutes of Health bring you an emotional wellness toolkit, that provides checklists and strategies to maintain your emotional wellness. 

Mind Tools

The link above will take you to the Mind Tools Stress Diaries page, where you can use their template to track your stress and determine what’s affecting you. The rest of the website offers other information on stress and tips and tools for how to manage it.

Virtual Pamphlet Collection

This website, through the University of Chicago, offers a plethora of information on a variety of health topics, including stress and anxiety. The website is a collection of materials used at various university counseling centers across the country.

You Really Need to Relax: Effective Methods

This document from the University of Michigan Health System guides you through progressive muscle relaxation and visualization exercises.

Go Ask Alice!

Go Ask Alice! is a fantastic health resource. The website is maintained by health educators at Columbia University, and it is set up in a Q&A format. If someone has a question, chances are that the folks at Go Ask Alice! have heard it before and have a great answer already on hand. You can submit questions, too! They answer questions about mental health, nutrition, alcohol/drugs, sexuality, relationships, and sexual health.