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Health Programming Guide

Though the guide is somewhat tailored to Resident Advisors, the Health Programming Guide is valuable to any student planning to facilitate a program about health or just looking to learn more about a topic.

Each module (see the left side bar) contains a combination of a presentation, several activities, a resource page, and handouts – a ready-to-go-workshop! You get to decide which components you want to include based on your interests, time, and familiarity with the topic. You may choose to use the PowerPoint presentations to inform yourself about a topic rather than present them during the workshop or to present the material in discussion-format. If you come up with a creative way to present the information in the PowerPoint presentations, let us know by emailing

Before diving into a workshop, take a look at the Effective Programming module.  Here you will find tips and strategies for facilitating successful workshops as well as important guidelines for presenting health information.

A few tips that we would like to highlight:

  • Try to make the workshops as interactive and social as possible! Consider offering small incentives for attendance. Don’t forget to advertise ahead of time! If your event is campus-wide we can help with advertising too!
  • Before facilitating a workshop, become familiar with the resources available.
  • If you do present the PowerPoint slides in your workshop, practice ahead of time so you can speak with your own style rather than reading off the speaker notes.
  • Share the learning objectives at the beginning of your workshop. At the end, complete the online survey about your experience using the Health Programming Guide. This will give valuable feedback to Wellness and DHRE and allow them to tailor the guide to your needs.