WellBEEing Social Media & Marketing Campaign

wellBeeing campaign logo

Formerly known as “Be the Bee,” an alcohol prevention social norms campaign, the WellBEEing Campaign is a comprehensive social norms and marketing campaign that focuses on all dimensions of wellbeing.   

The WellBEEing Campaign provides positive data and messages to influence healthier behaviors and attitudes that are relevant to Carolina students. The social norms approach is a health promotion and prevention strategy based on research that shows that our perceptions of our peers’ attitudes and behaviors greatly influence our own attitudes and behaviors.  

Often, our perceptions are inaccurate: we tend to underestimate the number of our peers who make healthier choices. The WellBEEing Campaign is an intervention based on identifying and promoting the healthy behaviors of Carolina students to reduce misperceptions and encourage healthier choices.  

The Goals of The WellBEEing Campaign are: 

  • To correct misperceptions in the Carolina Community 
  • To encourage healthier attitudes and behaviors in the Carolina Community 
  • To empower overall wellbeing as a central part of Student Life 

As per the Mental Health Task Force Report (2019) recommendation 1.4, the WellBEEing Campaign partners with various departments, organizations, and student groups to implement this expanded marketing campaign aimed at promoting campus resources and reducing stigma around mental health diagnoses and conditions, raising symptom awareness, teaching coping and resilience skills and emphasizing the need for self-advocacy and creating a culture of mutual caring. 

You can find the WellBEEing Campaign content and messaging on @unchealthyheels, social media accounts with health and wellness strategies for students, by students at UNC Chapel Hill.