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About One Act

About One Act

The One Act training curriculum was developed in the spring and summer of 2010, with the first trainings hosted  in late fall 2010.  We trained over 350 students in its first academic year and have reached 300 to 600 each year since! The One Act for Greeks curriculum was added in Spring 2013.

Awards & Recognition

One Act was awarded the APPLES Service-Learning Community Partner Excellence Award for 2014.

One Act is recognized by NASPA's Culture of Respect as supported by evidence.


We're committed to using the best evidence available to implement bystander intervention, and have also published on our evaluation.

Review our article in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence in May 2015:

Kei Alegría-Flores, Kelli Raker, Robert K. Pleasants, Mark A. Weaver, and Morris Weinberger
Preventing Interpersonal Violence on College Campuses: The Effect of One Act Training on Bystander Intervention
J Interpers Violence 0886260515587666, first published on May 22, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Research

If I attend training, do I have to participate in your research?
• No, it is completely voluntary. However, we greatly appreciate when you do as it helps us improve the program.

How do you collect data?
• Participants are asked to fill out a questionnaire before the training begins, and are emailed a post-test one week and two months after training.
• During the training, we collect the notecards that students write where they share why violence prevention matters to them.
• Additionally, anonymous clickers are used to collect data about experiences of victimization or knowing someone who has experienced sexual violence, interpersonal violence, or stalking. We also have asked questions about what obstacles you face to intervening and what you’d do in a situation.
• A paper form at the end of training asks what you liked/disliked about the program – we use this to make improvements to the structure of the training

*due to time limits, anonymous clickers are not used in One Act for Greeks

Do you have IRB approval? How do you protect us as students participating in your research?
• Yes, we have sought annual IRB approval because we firmly believe in ethical research that we can share with others who are also trying to advance the field of violence prevention.
• We collect anonymous data wherever possible, or we use an identifier that lets us see how one person changes and learns from before the training to two months after. This identifier is in no way able to be connected back to a specific student.
• Since we ask personal questions about difficult topics like sexual assault in the questionnaires, we provide information on resources available on campus at every data collection point described above.

How can I participate?
• Sign up for training or organize one for your organization, residence hall community, fraternity, sorority, or sports team. Learn more here.


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Please direct any questions or concerns to: Nicole Feehan, Sexual Violence Prevention Program Manager, nfeehan@unc.edu.

Can’t make it to a training? Check out the One Act brochure or our advertisements.