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One ACT and One ACT for Greeks

One ACT and One ACT for Greeks

It was about 3am and we were sitting outside of Bskis, and there was a girl sitting on the corner. She was by herself and she was crying. You could tell she was intoxicated, and a group of guys came up and picked her up like under her shoulders and tried to walk her down the street and I went over there and asked if they knew her, and they were like “She’s ok with it, we’re just going to have some fun”. I asked her if she was ok with it. She didn’t say anything because she was still crying. I said, “Well, we can go to Bskis, I don’t know where your friends are but I’ll wait for you.” And then the guys just walked away. 

The acronym for ACT is: A for Ask for help, C for Create a distraction, T for Talk directly. 

If you take One ACT directly, you’ll understand why it’s important. I think it’s good to be educated and know all the facts about interpersonal violence and prevention and intervention. That’s what One ACT training does for students on campus.

Help reduce sexual and interpersonal violence on campus and in life. Take one ACT.

One ACT and One ACT for Greeks are bystander skills trainings for Carolina students who are interested in preventing violence, led by peer educators and a full-time or graduate student staff member. One ACT for Greeks is tailored specifically for members of fraternities and sororities affiliated with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

This training will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to recognize the early warning signs of violence and take preventive action in your everyday life. We believe this training will contribute to a safer campus environment. 

Bystander Informational Workshop, Pending Scheduling October 2019
OneACT: Skills Workshop (60 minutes), Offering Spring 2020