Start With One ACT

Become an ACTive Bystander!

  • Observe. You realize that something is happening or has happened.
  • Assess. You consider what information or help you need to intervene safely.
  • ACT. You choose to act.
    • Ask for help
    • Create a distraction
    • Talk directly
  • Follow up. Is the situation over? Is there anything else that needs to be done?

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One ACT you can do today:

One ACT you can do to prevent interpersonal violence when going out:

  1. Decide with your friends in advance of going out: each person’s plan for staying safe, getting home, and whether or not you will leave with anyone other than the person/people with whom you arrived.
  2. Account for all people in your group of friends when you go out and when you go home.
  3. Offer to watch your friends’ drinks when they leave the table.
  4. Offer to be your friend’s safe call when they meet up with an online friend for the first time in person.

One ACT you can do to interrupt violence when you witness an incident (stranger or known to you)

  1. If you see someone intoxicated & left behind by his/her/their friends, check with him/her/their about a safe ride home (e.g., a cab, a friend, offer a ride)
  2. If you hear someone yelling and fighting—call 911.
  3. Watch your friends’ drinks. If you see someone spike another person’s drink—get help, let the person who has the drink know what you saw, or “accidentally” knock the drink over.
  4. If you see someone grab, push, or harass someone—pay attention to what the perpetrator looks like (e.g., height, weight, hair color/style, skin tone), get other people’s attention, or go get help.
  5. If you see someone leading an intoxicated person up the stairs, check in with them and ask if you can help take care of the person.
  6. If you see someone who looks uncomfortable because of physical or sexual contact from another person(s)— find a way to help get them away from the person(s) and check in with them about their experience.

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