Make Time for ZZZzzzzs

You know how important sleep is for your health and happiness. The problem is, sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get enough sleep. Use these simple time management tricks to make sure you can fit everything into your day AND still get enough sleep.

Make a Master Schedule:

  • Block out exam times and any other fixed time commitments, such as work or organizational meetings.
  • Block out time for the basics of daily living, i.e. eating, sleeping, personal maintenance, and travel.
  • Plan and block out study time for each final test or paper. Some tips:
    • Plan at least one-hour blocks for study, and schedule large blocks of time for accomplishing major projects.
    • Know your high energy and "down" times during the day and use them wisely.

Remember to include that time just for you along with your other time commitments. There are a variety of computer-based calendar tools like Google Calendar or Outlook. Try making separate calendars for different activities, classes, fun, clubs, and of course personal time!

Make a To-Do list:

Before the beginning of each week, sit down and list all of the things you need to get done in the upcoming week. You may want to assign tasks to specific days of the week if you have a tight schedule. Consult your master or weekly schedule if assigning tasks to certain days. Be sure to check your monthly calendar to plan ahead for large tasks.

Prioritize tasks - for each item on your list, apply the following "test":

1) Is this something I must get done, should get done, or could complete? 

2) Assign each task to a category according to its priority.

3) You can use a (1), (2), (3) system; an A, B, C arrangement; or M, S, C (for Must, Should, Could).

Always Remember:

If you realize that you have too much, get help. Professors, advisors, RAs, your friends, and Counseling & Psychological Services (Walk-ins welcome from 9-3:30 Monday-Friday) are all resources to help when you are feeling overwhelmed.