Graduate Students Virtual Wellness Circle

We are experiencing a great deal of distress collectively and especially in our Black communities who are having to deal with the negative health impacts of racism in our society, and its influence within institutions that serve us.  We witness daily the building allostatic load of our students, staff, and faculty. This is further compounded by the ongoing global COVID 19 pandemic. Graduate students are particularly vulnerable and stress management is a priority.

In times of crisis, our brains tend to go into full-on fight/flight, which is effective ONLY if we are in immediate and life-threatening danger. Our bodies are not intended to exist in fight/flight states for more than a few hours or our body systems will begin to exhaust and shut down into a numbed out, freeze state. This is unhealthy.

Join Shahnaz Khawaja as she talks about ways to turn off the body’s fight/flight/freeze response, and how to engage in activities that will allow us to remain calm and navigate the current situation from our most effective, creative, and problem-solving brain.

Each week participants will:

  • Engage in different evidence-based activities that help to neutralize stress.
  • Have an opportunity to engage in some virtual social connection with peers.

Spring Graduate Students Wellness Circles Coming Soon!