R.E.A.L. Talk

R.E.A.L. Talk (Resiliency, Education, And Leadership):  Provides a space for BIPOC (Black/Indigenous People of Color) and male-identified individuals on UNC’s campus to engage and develop their sense of belonging, personal agency, growth mindset, and tools for honing resiliency and grit.  

Graduate and professional male identified students of color help facilitate this cohort of students while in the process gain leadership skills and develop strong mentoring bonds.  The year 2020-21 will be composed of upper class participants, as well as, first year students.  No topic is off limits, rather broaching courageous discourse will aid in participants’ growth, exploration and self-actualization.

To join R.E.A.L. Talk email: Dr. DeVetta Holman-Copelanddholman@email.unc.edu
Phone: (919) 962-WELL (9355)