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AlcoholEdu - Online Module (required)

About the course

Whether or not you choose to drink, you will eventually know someone who does. We want every student joining the Carolina community to have an appropriate and accurate understanding of alcohol and its associated risks, including legal, judicial and health impacts.

UNC Chapel Hill is committed to preventing underage alcohol use, high-risk drinking and alcohol abuse on our campus, and has joined with many top Universities in implementing AlcoholEdu as a part of our alcohol education and abuse prevention initiatives.

As noted above, this online module – including the two surveys we ask you to complete as part of it – is completely confidential. No response you include in the survey will ever be connected back to you personally. The Everfi company that provides AlcoholEdu will compile all anonymous answers from each student into an aggregate data report for our Student Wellness staff to use in measuring the effectiveness of the course, and in developing additional education resources and programming for campus. However, if you would still prefer not to answer some questions on the anonymous survey, you can choose to leave them blank and that will not impact your completed status for the overall module.

All incoming new students are expected to complete Part 1 of EverFi's AlcoholEdu online module prior to arriving on campus in August. Students will receive an invitation via email. Anyone with an Onyen login who is interested in taking these modules may also access it from this page.

Please note that all information collected in these modules is completely confidential.

Students are also required to complete Part 2 of these modules, and will be invited via email to complete them approximately six weeks after completing Part 1.

If you have any non-technical questions, you can Contact Us. For technical help, click the "technical help" button in the module.

Current students who have been referred to complete AlcoholEdu for Sanctions by the Office of Student Conduct may use the link to AlcoholEdu for Sanctions  from the OSC website.