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Delta Advocates

Delta Advocates** are students in the fraternity and sorority community who are trained to provide an empathetic and informed response to survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence.  Delta Advocates provide a non-judgmental environment where their peers can freely discuss their experiences, and get connected to support and reporting resources on campus and in the community.

Delta Advocates collaborate with campus and community partners to engage the fraternity and sorority community in campus prevention efforts.  They strive to create space for open and meaningful dialog around interpersonal and sexual violence and empower members to be active participants in creating a safer and more supportive fraternity and sorority community at Carolina.

**Delta Advocates are not a confidential resource under University Policy.  Delta Advocates are expected to share information with the Gender Violence Services Coordinator, who is a confidential resource.  Seeking assistance from a Delta Advocate does not notify the University of an incident.


In Spring 2014, the Panhellenic Association, in conjunction with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Wellness, and the Carolina Women’s Center, proposed the creation of a program to provide the Panhellenic community at UNC – Chapel Hill with access to education, support, and resources related to interpersonal violence and sexual assault prevention and response—Delta Advocates.  Representatives of each of the 11 Panhellenic chapters approved moving forward with implementation for Fall 2014.

As planning began in earnest, staff from Equal Opportunity & Compliance and leaders in the Panhellenic community joined the planning group.  The first cohort of 20 Delta Advocates was selected in October 2014 following a competitive application process.  From November 2014 through March 2015, advocates completed HAVEN, One Act for Greeks, and an additional 18 hours of training to prepare them to serve their chapters.  They receive ongoing training and support from UNC staff through their year-long tenure.

Starting with the 2016 cohort, the Delta Advocates program expanded to include members of GAC and NPHC chapters.

Delta Advocates received a Parent's Council grant in 2016-2017 to support the training and outcome evaluation of the program.

In summer 2016, Delta Advocates became a designed Student Affairs High Impact Program, and the program was highlighted during the fall 2016 Excellence In Action Student Affairs conference.

Delta Advocates Leadership Team

The Delta Advocates Leadership Team currently includes:

  • Cassidy Johnson, Gender Violence Services Coordinator
  • Holly Lovern, Gender Violence Services Coordinator
  • Kelli Raker, Coordinator for Violence Prevention Programs
  • Cherie Michaud, Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement
  • Audrey Walker, Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement. 

Special thanks to Brittney Bahlman, former Coordinator in Fraternity & Sorority Life, and to Emily Beaty, Panhellenic President in 2014 for their involvement in the planning in Summer and Fall 2014. Thanks also to Jenn Scott, former Title IX Program Coordinator in Equal Opportunity & Compliance for her work on the program from 2014-2016.

This team provides comprehensive training, which includes 13-15 hours of curriculum with the Delta Advocates over several weekly sessions to prepare them for their role, completion of the HAVEN survivor support training, and completion of the One Act for Greeks training to learn important bystander intervention skills.  Using a variety of teaching methods, training has included small group discussion of scenarios, a moderated panel of campus and community agencies that work directly with survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence, interactive activities to understand prevention and the continuum of violence, role plays in pairs to help provide an empathetic response, and lecture on the impact of trauma and response to violence.  Training also covered the importance of maintaining boundaries and practicing self-care as a support person. 

Delta Advocates serve as a point of connection between survivors and the available resources.  Like all students, Delta Advocates are encouraged to let their peers know about all of the options available for seeking support and for reporting to the university or to law enforcement.

Read more about the Delta Advocates Program on the UNC Panhellenic website!

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