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Prevention Initiatives & Messages

Our prevention programs focus on two important aspects of prevention among college students according to the CDC.

1) Encouraging bystanders and allies to help their friends before violence occurs and to know how to respond if and when it does.  Instead of alienating students by approaching them as potential perpetrators or victims, bystander education programs approach students as allies and potential leaders who can shift social norms that are traditionally supportive of sexual violence and interpersonal violence. Such programs engage the entire Carolina community in awareness and prevention efforts, and are a part of a larger state-wide initiative.

Bystander education programs simultaneously educate students about gender inequality while providing them with knowledge and tools to prevent violence. These programs discourage victim blaming by taking a community approach to prevention and, importantly, they offer the opportunity to change social norms surrounding gender.  The effects on participants in bystander programs are just beginning to be studied, but preliminary research indicates positive results.

We offer bystander intervention training for UNC-CH students (One Act and One Act for Greeks) and local bar/restaurant staff (Raise the Bar).

We also work with the Delta Advocates program through the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life to increase peer education, campus outreach, and survivor support for Panhellenic women.

2) Supporting healthy norms, such as healthy relationships and healthier masculinities (UNC Men's Project)

Communicating these messages is an important part of our prevention work! Learn more about about how we communicate via social marketing and social norming.

Social Marketing

You may have seen some of the following brochures and posters around campus! If you’re looking for copies for your student group or office, please contact us at

Men's Project on social media

The UNC Men's Project maintains Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to share messages related to healthier masculinities and violence prevention.

One Act on social media

One Act maintains Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts to share messages related to bystander intervention for violence prevention.

One Act bus posters (2012-present)

Find our messages which encourage bystander intervention on Chapel Hill Transit buses!

Consent posters (2009)

Additional information

Posters about response to violence are created and maintained by the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office. You can download a "quick reference guide" on the website.

Heels United for a Safe Carolina hosts regular installations on campus. Learn more here.