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Leadership Opportunities

Peer Education

Peer educators are UNC-CH students who would like to train other students in the four-hour One Act curriculum or the three-hour One Act for Greeks curriculum. Peer education is considered a High Impact Practice in Student Affairs.

All peer educators are required to attend sessions where they learn presentation skills, facilitation skills, and other knowledge needed to present One Act.  Peer educators must also attend HAVEN and Safe Zone.

Peer Educators receive ongoing training during weekly meeting times and practice the curricula in its entirety on their own time. Any interested member of One Act may serve as a peer educator while also being on any committee or serving as a committee chair if his/her/hir schedule allows.

At the end of One Act peer education training, students are more knowledgeable about interpersonal violence and less likely to agree with rape myths. They are more confident in their skills to intervene and self-report an increase in their intervention as bystanders. Read a summary report about outcomes for peer educators in the Attachments.

Interested in getting involved as a peer educator? Contact

Social Media Interns

Social media interns are UNC-CH undergraduate students currently enrolled in WGST 340 Leadership in Violence Prevention. Over approximately 30 hours of APPLES service-learning, social media interns develop a plan for posting on One Act's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts in order to increase followers and share messages which support the One Act mission.

Student Organization

One Act became a student organization recognized by the University in January 2013 and is run by a Steering Committee.

General Body Meetings happen approximately weekly in order for all members of One Act to stay connected to the organization. They are led by members of the Steering Committee - Committee Chairs (Events Co-Chairs, Public Relations Co-Chairs, Peer Education Co-Chairs) and Coordinators (Fundraising, Membership, Sunshine) and are attended by the full-time staff Advisor from Student Wellness. A weekly update is sent out to all members of the organization by the Steering Committee Co-Chairs.

Co-Chair Positions

Steering Committee Co-chair Responsible for coordinating the direction of the One Act Steering Committee. Co-chairs will facilitate weekly Steering Committee meetings and hold office hours. Co-chairs will work closely with the staff from Student Wellness and are expected to meet regularly with the advisor.  They will manage the paperwork that establishes us a student organization on campus.
** Expected to meet with the advisor regularly.
Events Planning Co-chair Responsible for creating events for students across campus to promote the mission and purpose of One Act. They will host campus-wide events and are strongly encouraged to collaborate with other groups on campus.  These events should strive to be inclusive and foster a better understand of One Act in the community. Co-chairs exhibit strong organization and planning skills.
Public Relations Co-chair Responsible for publicizing the mission and purpose of One Act as well as maintaining a social media presence. Co-chairs will create publicity campaigns for One Act trainings and advertise our events. Additional Responsibilities May Include: Painting the “Cube” for events, designing and posting flyers, and creating event awareness on Facebook, etc.
Peer Education Co-chair Responsible for reaching out to groups and individuals to get them signed up for trainings. This involves contacting student leaders and helping in the scheduling of One Act trainings. Co-chairs will organize workshops to further the education of peer educators. Co-chairs will also keep track of the current trained and untrained status of various organizations on campus.
Fraternity & Sorority Co-chair Responsible for working closely with the Greek community in order to better facilitate relations between One Act for Greeks Programming and fraternities and sororities. Co-chairs are encouraged to host Greek-specific events and communicate with Fraternity & Sorority leadership. Co-chairs will also keep track of the current trained and untrained status of fraternities and sororities on campus.


Coordinator Positions

Coordinators will be responsible for a particular aspect of One Act, but do not require their own committees. They will attend weekly Steering Committee meetings.

Membership Coordinator Responsible for actively recruiting members to the Steering Committee and following up with interested folks after One Act trainings. Coordinator will oversee the leadership selection process by updating the membership application and helping in the transition of positions. Coordinator will also take minutes at the Steering Committee meetings and keep the Google Drive updated.
Sunshine Coordinator Responsible for encouraging a positive atmosphere in One Act and the Steering Committee through initiating self-care. This could be done through the implementation of fun events and social activities that brighten the mood!