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After Attending One Act Training

Are you one of the over 1,200 UNC Chapel Hill students we have trained since 2010? Here are several ways that you can continue to work against sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and stalking.

Get Involved.

  • One Act is more than just a four hour training; it is also a busy student organization! Want to get involved? Come to the next One Act General Body Meeting.

  • Join a committee! To learn more about the different committees within One Act go to the “Student Organization” tab on the right of this page.

  • Become a Peer Educator!

Educate yourself.

  • To be an informed active bystander, it is important to educate yourself about issues related to sexual and interpersonal violence within your community. Explore the SAFE at UNC website to learn more about  violence and harassment at UNC and the university’s policies around the issue.

  • Attend campus events.

  • Attend a HAVEN training to learn skills about how to be an ally for survivors of violence. Sign up here.

  • Attend a Safe Zone training to learn how to act as an ally to individuals within the LGBTQ community. Sign up here.


  • Now that you know how to recognize early signs of violence and have the skills you need to safely intervene, you can act out when you see a risky situation.

  • Remember that you can always Ask for Help, Create a Distraction, or Talk Directly.

  • Share your ‘One Act’s by emailing us.  You may see your story on the One Act Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

  • If you have a question about a situation, you can anonymously submit your question here to receive advice from One Act Peer Educators. Answers will be posted on the One Act Tumblr.

Raise awareness.

  • Display your placard visibly to show that you are a trained active bystander against violence.

  • Wear your One Act t-shirt and button around campus. Be prepared to answer questions you may receive about the organization and training.

  • Follow and promote the One Act Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr pages.

  • Sign up for the Trained Tar Heels listserv to get updates about One Act events and campaigns.

Engage your friends.

  • Talk to your friends about your One Act training and encourage your friends to get trained.

  • Have discussions with your friends about consent and healthy relationships.

  • Coordinate a plan with your friends before you go out. Decide how each person will get home safely ahead of time.