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Nutrition Resources


Counseling and Psychological Services


Phone: 919-966-3658

CAPS offers short-term individual counseling sessions and group therapy sessions for people with food challenges.

Campus Health Services


Phone: 919-966-2281

CHS offers free medical nutrition therapy from registered dietitians for students with a medical nutrition need, including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, eating disorders and diabetes.

Sports Nutrition Services

Phone: 919-966-6548

UNC offers sports nutrition counseling from registered dietitians for student athletes and other students with active lifestyles.



This free program is the first of its kind. It offers personalized information and opportunities to consult with other students or professional staff about nutrition, eating disorders and more.

Nutrition Coalition  


This UNC student organization is open to all UNC students interested in nutrition and healthy living. They offer events, volunteer opportunities, and have educational activities for our campus and the Triangle community.

Live Well Carolina


This student organization seeks to teach students how to prepare their own healthy food in the residence halls.

Be on the lookout for these campus or national events!: Love Your Body Day (October), National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (February), events hosted by the Carolina Women’s Center, events hosted by SHAPE (Students Helping to Achieve Positive Esteem).


USDA MyPlate –

Go here to learn about the new USDA food and nutrition guidelines. They offer many tips and strategies for balanced eating, and you can even assess your individual diet and physical activity!

SparkPeople –

When you set up a free account here, you have access to meal plans, workouts, and other tools to help you live a balanced lifestyle.

Body Positive: Boosting Body Image at Any Weight –

Body Positive offers an array of articles and tools on developing and maintaining a healthy body image, no matter what you weigh. While being at a healthy weight is important and can prevent future health problems, it is equally important to feel good about yourself no matter where you’re at.

CDC-Nutrition –

Look here for information from statistics to tips and recipes!

Something Fishy –

This website has accurate, evidence-based info about eating disorders and disordered eating.

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) –

This website provides information, research findings, and programs and events about eating disorders.