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Healthy Heels Ambassadors

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We are the premier health and wellness peer educators on campus that play a vital role in supporting a healthy culture among the UNC community. We serve as ambassadors for the Healthy Heels brand, which is a collaboration between Student Wellness, Campus Health Services (CHS), and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for health messaging.

What We Do

HHAs are trained health leaders on campus that aim to empower fellow Tar Heels, through public health and prevention principles, in making well-informed decisions about their health and wellness, in hopes to create a healthier UNC campus.
HHAs communicate the programs, activities, and resources offered by the Healthy Heels collaborative Student Wellness, CHS, and CAPS. You can find us tabling at events, implementing core initiatives, facilitating programs around wellness, and more. We educate the masses and have fun doing it!

How We Do It

  • Tabling: Want Healthy Heels at an event? Feel free to request us to table! We will show up to offer health information and resources related to Student Wellness, CHS, CAPS.  Free incentives can be included. 
  • Workshops: We’ve been trained to offer workshops to help you understand, navigate, and explore your wellness. Request us for a program! 
    • Stress Management
    • Dimensions of Wellness and Self Care
    • Mindfulness 101
    • Alcohol 101
  • POD Squads: PODs are subgroups within HHA that have specific functions to help spread the gift of health and wellness. All HHAs belong to a POD, which each has an elected POD Captains and appointed POD Advisor. PODs include:
    • Social Media
    • Be the Bee
    • UNCPD/LiveSafe App

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities are available to help each other stay organized and productive! Current roles are:

  • POD Captain (3)
  • Campus Health Advisory Board Chair (CHAB)

Why You Should Join

It's lit, plus we offer great experiences for those interested in Student Affairs, health promotion/prevention, public health, and wellness professions!

We are a group of 50, so space is limited…

Next Recruitment will be Spring 2019

Interested folks are encouraged to:

  1. Email us at expressing interest
  2. Follow and like us on all social media (@UNCHealthyHeels handle)
  3. Follow us on SnapChat to get the insider’s look of life as an HHA!

By doing so will give you special consideration during official recruitment.

Questions in the meantime? Feel free to email us at or

That is all.


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