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Nicole Feehan
Sexual Violence Prevention Programs Manager

Nicole Feehan is returning to the Triangle after a brief stint in the Hudson Valley. She serves the Carolina community as the Sexual Violence Prevention Program Manager, working with the One Act program. This role focuses on the power of community building to end violence and create a new culture in which all people are safe, well, and fulfilled.

Nicole has been participating in violence prevention and response programs since 2011. She has served as a peer advocate for survivors of sexual assault, as well as an educator and program coordinator. She earned her masters in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, affording her a unique perspective to view the intersections of mental health, substance use, and violence.

She is passionate about the experiences of college students and how they impact one’s access to education. While dedicated to personal wellness and self-care, Nicole enjoys sampling new hobbies such as Ultimate Frisbee, gardening, and cooking exorbitant amounts of food.