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One Act

If we all begin by taking ONE ACTion, we’ll see a reduction in interpersonal violence on our campus.

One Act is a skills training for Carolina students who are interested in preventing interpersonal violence, led by peer educators and a full-time or graduate staff member.

This training will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to recognize the early warning signs of interpersonal violence and take preventive action in your everyday life.  We believe this training will contribute to a safer campus environment. One Act is student-led collaboration with UNC-Chapel Hill Student Wellness.



  • Get trained: Interested in being trained or scheduling a training for your group? Check out our dates here.
    • One Act counts as a qualified Buckley Public Service Scholar skills training.
    • One Act trained students can receive a placard which identifies you as an active bystander who is committed to ending Interpersonal Violence in the Carolina community
    • You can also opt to be on our listserv.
  • Submit a question about interpersonal violence prevention to our Peer Educators here.
  • Get Involved: In addition to the four-hour training, students can get involved with One Act as a peer educator and/or serve on a committee or as a committee chair.  Currently there are three committees within One Act, including Peer Education, Events, and Public Relations/Outreach. Trained Tar Heels can also participate in our One Act Student Advisory Board.

Contact us at, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.

If you want to share a One Act you did to prevent or interrupt a problematic situation, please email it at to have it contributed to the Tumblr blog!